When Pregnant Women Start Feeling Baby's Movement in the Womb

The first time you feel the baby's movements in the womb is the moment awaited by the expectant mother. Some pregnant women (pregnant women) feel alarmed because they do not feel the movement. But, when does baby's general movements begin to feel? Fetal movements in the womb, indicating the development of the Little One. Infants in the womb move because of various things. The reason a baby moves is because he wants to stretch his limbs or when he responds to the emotion the mother feels or the sound he hears. In addition, the baby in the womb can hear when his mother is reading, talking, or singing. Some body positions and new food consumed by pregnant women can also make the fetus move. Age of Baby in the womb begins to move The baby in the womb has actually been moving a 12-week pregnancy. But the body is still too small to make Bumil unable to feel his movements. Generally, pregnant women can feel the movement of the baby in the womb at 13-16 weeks of gestation. At fir
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